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Book Cover Reveal for Till My Last Day, Book Two in the Desert Hills Trilogy

Coming soon!

I am excited to present to you, Till My Last Day, Book Two in the Desert Hills Trilogy book cover reveal.

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Stay Tuned:  Book Two, Till My Last Day will be available soon on Amazon and through your favorite bookstore.

Book One, Till My Last Breath, is a CIBA and New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards-winning novel that is available NOW on Amazon and through your favorite bookstore.

A Riveting Tale of Survival!

Rebecca Young Ackerman was raised to be a prominent lady in Boston society in the late 1880s. Being the dutiful daughter, albeit young and naive, she always did as her father said.  When he marries her off to a man of his choosing, she soon realizes how fast dreams of marital bliss can fall apart. Fearing for her life, an unexpected telegram regarding her brother, Caleb Young, gives her the opportunity she needs to take her boys and flee from her narcissistic husband. Always looking over her shoulder, her fear is real. Traveling across the country, a chance encounter with a certain gentleman finds herself wishing for a better life. 

Nathaniel ‘Nate’ Burns In 2016, Nathaniel Burns, a well-respected police officer serving the tough neighborhood of Roxbury in Boston, finds his partner and himself answering a domestic violence call one airless summer night. Events unfold quickly and he suddenly finds life as he once knew it coming to a tragic end. Due to his mother’s ‘Celtic Gift,’ Nathaniel is transported back to 1875 to begin life anew. What he didn’t expect was to fall in love with a lady in peril in the Yuma desert of 1880. 

Award-Winning Author Pre-Review:  Till My Last Day, crosses time periods with seamless skill, demonstrating her flair for characterization and unexpected turns.  Intrigue, survival, and unfolding romance during the nineteenth century transports the reader from Boston to Arizona Territory.  The author spotlights Rebecca Ackerman, trapped in an abusive marriage and determined to escape. Nothing is certain except for Rebecca’s grit. Deborah masterfully threads minor characters to her utmost advantage, driving the action forward. I heartily recommend this page-turning, breath-stealing adventure . . . emotionally uplifting. – Susanna Lane, WWA Spur Award and Will Rogers Medallion award-winning author of Imperfect Promise.

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