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‘Readers’ Favorite’ Book Review of “Till My Last Breath, Book One in the Desert Hills Trilogy”

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Readers' Favorite

Reviewed on 12/31/2020 by Hayley Haun for Readers’ Favorite 

“Till My Last Breath by Deborah Swenson is book one of a new western series hitting the shelves of your device soon! Travel back to 1880, Yuma, Arizona. Gunslingers, gamblers, and trouble abound in the desert hills. Caleb Young, a refined Boston lawyer turned cowboy, falls into a precarious situation involving two brothers and a showdown in the middle of nowhere. Wounded and alone, he believes it to be the end. His regrets are too big to overcome. Death is near, or is it? Doctor Emily Sweeney is suddenly uprooted from her twentieth-century life in more ways than one as she is thrown back in time, straight into a situation calling for her much-needed medical expertise. As she fights to save Caleb’s life, something begins to bloom in the empty wasteland other than cactus.

Deborah Swenson introduces an interesting time travel/paranormal concept. You also get a taste of the Wild West, which in my opinion is a bit underappreciated these days, and are presented with the usual bout of western themes. Think of the Clint Eastwood films when a stranger rides into town, mysterious and possibly hunted by the law, along with the good, the bad, and the ugly. Except here, you have a strong-willed heroine in the mix who takes that loner and turns him into a love-struck gunman ready to take on the world. Till My Last Breath is just the beginning of what I hope will be an exciting story between two dynamic characters.”

Thank you, Haley, for your time in reading and writing a review of my debut novel. 


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