Skagit Valley Tulip Festival 2018

Each year, my favorite saying on New Year’s Day is “spring is just around the corner.”  For me, these simple words bring forth a sense of anticipation, of new growth on trees whose dormancy has endured the cold winter months. Hope that the bulbs planted in the dampness of fall push upward through the still frozen ground.  But, most importantly, a time where your body, spirit and soul feels renewed.

As sure as we know the season’s change, and after most of the country has suffered through unimaginable weather with heights of snow that only Queen Elsa from Disney’s “Frozen” could imagine, Spring will arrive in twenty days.  That’s what my calendar says.

We may still be encased in snow, ice and rain, but at some point, spring will show up. We will see the snow melt. We will feel the warmth of the sun. And, we will see bulbs reaching through fading ice crystals to bring a ray of hope.

Spring, the time I can put on my ragged jeans, a hoodie that’s seen better days, and boots to ward off the chill. I grab my garden tools, go out and have a serious discussion with the weeds who have refused to give up over the winter months, no matter what! Remember the renewal of body and spirit. Well, I say go out in your gardens, relieve your pent-up, housebound tension, and tug hard on the tallest weed. I guarantee, you will feel better.

Then, as the rains of spring give way to the warmth and bountiful color of summer, sit back on your porch, relax with a glass of ice tea, and a good Historical Western Romance novel, while enjoying the fruits of your labors. Allow yourself to be immersed in the story as you drift far away to a place where your spirit soars, and the winter dull drums are distant memories.

Pleasant reading,


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