I love exploring my Northwest country side. After several long days in a row, of sitting at the computer writing, editing and re-writing, I find that I need to take a “brain break” and get out on what I call my “mini adventures.” Packing a lunch, with note book and camera in hand, I head out with no specific destination in mind. Other than to hopefully relax, refresh my creativity and enjoy the day. Normally, I’ll head north from my home driving down a very long two lane country road surrounded by acres and acres of farmland and pastures. When I first moved to the area, I had to get use to what I called the “O de’ Cow” perfume. I soon learned that the locals here called it “The Scent of Money.” Well, since then I have gained a renewed sense of respect for all ranchers and farmers that provide us our daily sustenance. With amazement, I now understand, the cost of raising and caring for just one farm animal.


Old Weathered Barn


It’s the weathered barn whose wood has the aging patina I enjoy photographing the most. The barn, showing years of stability it offered the farmer, as a sheltering place for livestock and crops. Like sentinels standing alone in a field, they have a story to tell. Through my camera’s lens, I let my imagination take over. When coming upon a new subject, I ask myself, “Do I take a photo with the sun shining high above, or with the waning sunset’s bright oranges, and reds?” No matter how I adjust the frame, in my mind’s eye scenes are created and characters come alive.

As I’ve found in my travels, a weathered barn may be standing one day, and literally falling down the next. If they could talk… would it be of the seventy-five plus years, or so, of generations of farmers and livestock it sheltered. Would it be the long hours of cold snowy winter days, or the warm summer nights spent within its walls? Or, would it be the births and deaths it bared witness too? I mourn the loss of these old structures and find myself grateful that I have been able to bear witness to these fading sentinels in our landscape.


Collapsed Weathered Barn

Collapsed Weathered Barn


Make time for yourself to go out and explore. Give yourself permission to enjoy a “mini adventure” of your own making. You don’t have to travel far to find something new and exciting that allows your heart to soar and your imagination to wander.

See you on my next journey.




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