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The West is Alive and Well

The West is Alive & Well 

Whether you’re a fan of one or all of the following: fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, history, mystery, suspense, and yes, romance, you will find all this within the pages of a Historical Western novel. 

Ladies (and Gents) don’t be afraid.

A Western Novel is the book to be seen reading.

I will admit, I, too, like a good clean rom-com to get me through the cold and blustery winter months. But after a while, they repeat the same themes, and I find myself wanting a good Western novel with compelling and relateable characters, a great story line, history and action with, and of course, a touch of romance on the side.

So go ahead Ladies & Gents, start a new trend. Pack your suitcase or bookbage with your e-reader or paperback(s) of one or two (maybe more) good Westerns to enjoy reading on your upcoming Spring or Summer vacation.

And make sure you share your favorite Western novels with your book club, family, and friends.

To purchase the BEST in Westerns, go to Women Writing the West and Western Writers of America websites for a complete list of authors and their Western novels. You can also order from the author’s website or through your favorite online bookstore.

Better yet, shop local and visit your nearest bookstore.  

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Here are just a few of my [favorite] recommendations in no specific order. Scroll though my book reviews by each of these amazing authors. Please be sure to leave your comments on purchasing websites, Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media you use. If you have a Blog be sure to write about your Western read. The authors will thank you!







Michael R. Ritt, Author
The Sons of Philo Gaines

Candace Simar, Author Shelterbelts, A Novel

Thomas D. Clagett, Author
Line of Glory



Kathleen Morris, Author
Golddigger, The Legendary Nelli Cashman


Carmen Peon, Author Captured Secrets


Julia Bricklin, Author
The Notorious Life of Ned Buntline

Ashley E. Sweeney, Author
Hardland, A Novel

Mark C. Jackson, Author Blue Rivers of Heaven




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