Laramie Americana, Western Pioneer, Civil War Fiction Award

The Laramie Book Awards recognize emerging new talent and outstanding works in the Americana and Westerns fiction genre.  The Laramie Book Awards is a division of the Chanticleer International Book Awards (The CIBAs).

Chanticleer Book Reviews is looking for the best books featuring Americana themes, First Nation stories, early North American History, cowboys & cowgirls in the Wild West, pioneering, and Civil War, and we will put them to the test and choose the best among them.

These titles have moved forward in the judging rounds from all 2021 Laramie Americana entries to the 2021 Laramie Book Awards LONG LIST. Entries below are now in competition for the 2021 Laramie Shortlist. The Short Listers will compete for the Semi-Finalists positions. FINALISTS will be selected from the Semi-Finalists. All FINALISTS will be announced and recognized at the Chanticleer Authors Conference (CAC22).

The 2021 Laramie Finalists will be selected from the Laramie Semi-Finalists.

The First Place Category Winners, along with the CIBA Division Grand Prize winners, will be selected from the 17 CIBA divisions’ Finalists.

We will announce the 1st Place Category winners and Grand Prize Division Winners at the CIBAs Banquet and Ceremony on Saturday, April 9th, 2022 at the luxurious Hotel Bellwether in Bellingham, Wash. sponsored by the 2022 Chanticleer Authors Conference–whether virtual, hybrid or in-person. 

These titles are in the running for the SHORT LIST of the 2021 Laramie Book Awards novel competition for Americana Fiction!

Join us in cheering on the following authors and their works!

  • Leah Angstman – The Only Way to Cheat a Hangman
  • E. Alan Fleischauer – Tommies
  • Kalen Vaughan Johnson – Raid of Souls 
  • Catherine M. O’Connor – Dust Covered Lies
  • Michael Eisenhut – Brothers of War, The Iron Brigade at Gettysburg
  • Pamela Nowak – Never Let Go
  • Forest B. Dunning – Death at Lame Deer
  • Will Astrike – The Knack and The Skills of Ezra Lacey – Series
  • Margaret Arross – El Viento
  • Samantha Specks – Dovetails in Tall Grass
  • Kenneth Arbogast – Sorrow Ledge
  • E. Alan Fleischauer – Kidnapped
  • EM Abner – Hollow Eyes on Tennessee: From Shiloh to Perryville
  • Deborah Swenson – Till My Last Breath, Book One in the Desert Hills Trilogy
  • T.K. Conklin – Outlaw’s Redemption
  • Lee Hutch – Molly’s Song
  • Glen Craney – The Cotillion Brigade: A Novel of the Civil War and the Most Famous Female Militia in American History
  • David Fitz-Gerald – The Curse of Conchobar: A Prequel to the Adirondack Spirit Series
  • E. Alan Fleischauer –  Kidnapped 
  • George T. Arnold – Wyandotte Bound
  • James Musgrave – The Dancing Murders
  • Bert Entwistle – Leftover Soldiers, Aftermath & Opportunity
  • Michael R. Frontani – Dante’s Forge
  • Chris Bennett – Road to the Breaking
  • Richard Alan Schwartz – The Soldier: A Novel of the Vietnam War Era
  • Michael L. Ross – Across the Great Divide: Book 2 The Search
  • Daniel Herman – The Feudist: A Novel of the Pleasant Valley War
  • Daniel Greene – Northern Blood (Northern Wolf Series Book 3)
  • Daniel Greene – Northern Hunt (Northern Wolf Series Book 2)

Good luck to all as your works move on to the next rounds of judging.