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I am a New England born, northwest raised author who is at home writing from an island in the Pacific Northwest where serene views of deep blue waters and majestic mountains greet me each morning. Living and working in the city, I always hoped of one day living the country life. Finally, five years ago my dream became a reality, and I traded commuting in gridlock traffic to driving by cornfields and cows grazing in green pastures. I love everything country and western from fresh plowed fields, right down to the sweet smell of a barnyard!

My love of writing western fiction started fifteen years ago, spurred on by memories of watching the wonderful classic western movies with my Dad. Then when caring for a family member, I would sit at their bedside and visualize stories in my mind that would help me relax. Family and friends encouraged me to put down on paper these stories. When I did, the characters just seemed to naturally evolve, and I fell in love with them. Eventually, I sought out writing groups, took college writing classes and attended conferences. It is through the encouragement of a very dear friend that my dream has become a reality.

Deborah Swenson - Author

I was educated at local universities with undergraduate and graduate degrees as a Registered Nurse and Advanced Nurse Practitioner, specializing in high risk obstetrics throughout my career. This career afforded me amazing opportunities including writing and publishing a nursing manual and being a contributing author on two editions of two nursing texts. I was also given the opportunity to be on an Editorial Advisory Board for a Nurse Practitioner Magazine and wrote several educational articles.

What keeps me excited about writing is my Faith, Family and Friends. Other than writing, my other passions are spinning (fiber), weaving, quilting, knitting, and photography. But, most definitely sitting by the fire with a hot cup of tea and reading a great western romance completes the day.


~ Deborah

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