Manuela Schneider is the talented Award-Winning Author and Film Maker who has written a compelling novel that takes the reader across centuries and oceans to uncover mysteries and discover the truths behind the Arma del Diablo, The Colt of Destiny.

In this novel, a Colt 45 revolver designed by Ludwig Schmied, a German gunsmith employed by the Colt Manufacturing Company, was constructed for use during the Civil War. It is believed to be the gun having belonged to the infamous old west outlaw, Johnny Ringo.

“We are talking about a Colt manufactured during the early stage of production for the Army. The engraved serial number reads as 222. The gun has a seven-and-a-half inch long barrel made from blue steel, and the bullets it uses are caliber forty-five. Until the year 1876 this revolver was only produced for the Army and therefore not available for private consumers. Knowing that, one can conclude that Johnny Ringo must have either bought or stolen it from a soldier.” Gorgo Conway, Arms Collector (book character).

Cursed by the devil, this cold piece of steel in the hands of ordinary people leads it’s bearers down a path of no return to commit unthinkable acts of violence. 

“You know what really worries me, my friend? It seems as if this gun is not an ordinary weapon.” Friar Hieronymus (book character).

From conception to the destruction of the Colt in question, Schneider takes the reader from a mysterious modern-day antique arms collector, Gorgo Conway (could he possibly be the devil?), to a sought-after firearms expert, Michael Kent, a devout man of his faith, who hesitantly takes on the task of locating the weapon.

Using his expertise, Mr. Kent’s search for the gun takes him from California to Texas and a descendant of Schmied, where a diary is the one clue that starts a journey he won’t soon forget. As further clues emerge, they lead him to monasteries in Switzerland and Spain where from Schneider’s family and personal encounters, she deftly uses her knowledge of the religious orders and provides the readers with noteworthy descriptions of the spiritual sites and their everyday life.

I won’t give away the fascinating details because Schneider deftly recounts the evil this gun holds and the gripping trail of tragedy it left behind. This is a must-read for any history, mystery, and western suspense fan. 

This and other books by Manuela Schneider are available from Amazon or order through your local bookseller. 

As someone born and raised in Germany, author Manuela Schneider’s love of American Native and Western history might be surprising to some. But her fascination with pioneer life, cowboy heroes, and treacherous outlaws have been her constant companion for as long as she can remember.

Manuela is a member of Western Writers of America and Women Writing the West, and is currently represented by Blue Cottage Agency. 

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