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Lillian's Legacy: Gardner Sibling Trilogy

 Lillian’s Legacy: Gardner Sibling Trilogy by award winning author Carmen Peone is a heartwarming and inspirational story of Lillian Gardner’s journey in her coming of age. Lillian is one of three children of Phillip and Elizabeth Gardner, characters introduced in Ms. Peone’s first book in her True Heart Trilogy, depicting the story of Spupaleena, a Sinyekst tribal member and Indian Aunt of the Gardner children.

In this work of historical fiction, Ms. Peone continues to enlighten and engage the reader in the ways of one of the many Northwest Native tribal cultures while introducing a Welch healer, Dr. Mali Maddox.

Elizabeth Gardner, Lillian’s mother, is a healer in her own right with in-depth knowledge of natural remedies available in the Northwest frontier. But, Lillian wishes to take the knowledge gleaned from her mother, one-step-further. When Dr. Mali Maddox offers to teach her more about medicine, she seizes the opportunity to prove to her parents and herself that she is a woman capable of such a journey. Accompanying the aging Dr. Maddox on her travels as her assistant and student, Lillian soon learns that becoming a healer may be more than what she had bargained for.

Through misadventures, tragedies, and death, Lillian will find out just how strong her will to survive is as a young woman left to travel alone in the frequently unforgiving frontier. Most importantly, Lillian realizes she still has much to learn. Through faith and her desire to return to her loving family, she grows up fast. Learning life’s hard lessons along the way, Lillian remains firm in leaving a legacy of hope.

Ms. Peone, a member of Women Writing the West, has developed thoughtful and inspiring characters evident in this enjoyable read for any age.

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