Bell Rock, Arizona

Bell Rock, Arizona

“Till My Last Breath” is the title of my upcoming debut Historical Romance novel that takes place in 1890 Jerome, Arizona Territory. A place where the West still held the intrigue of being wild and untamed. This is a novel containing a bit of time travel, suspense, medicine, murder, redemption, and of course, love.

A novel of passion that knows no boundaries, and centuries divide two loves destined to be together. Aging Mathew Sweeney, MD, a widowed physician in 1890 Jerome hoped he had escaped the gift from his Celtic ancestors. When, one fateful day he needs to call upon the gift to save his lineage and only remaining relative.

Emily Sweeney, MD is a vibrant twenty-first century doctor who is running towards her future and Caleb Young, a nineteenth century attorney is running from his past. Both centuries collide in a courageous struggle for love and survival in a place that holds only danger, death and deception.

Emily and Caleb attempt to resist the chemistry growing between them. Denying each other the love that has grown so strong over the weeks they’ve spent together. Both attempt to understand their pasts and what their future holds for them. Forged out of new truths and trust will their love survive? Or, will it take It’s Last Breath?



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