This month I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Brandon Ericson, owner of Camano Commons and host of the Camano Voice Podcast. The podcast focuses on local artists, authors, businesses, events, and interesting people living on Camano Island and its surrounding communities. Located just 70 miles north of Seattle, the podcast is a way for islandites to connect with Who, What & When. 

As a gracious host, Brandon made me relaxed as we discussed my novel, Till My Last Breath, Book One in the Desert Hills Trilogy, a Wester Historical Romantic Suspense. We talked about when & why I got started writing from technical nursing texts to fiction. My writing process and what and who inspires me. We discussed the daily life of being a writer, what my future in writing holds, and the current publishing commerce. Plus, other interesting personal tidbits you won’t want to miss out on.  I welcome your comments and thoughts at Deborah Swenson, Award-Winning Author




Listen Here on the podcast website (Episode #164)

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