Book picture 2Libraries and small book stores are valuable assets to any town, large or small. They serve as gathering places and learning spaces, while enhancing the appeal to our community surroundings. There is something about going into a bookstore or library where the scent of ink on paper calls out to our curious mind saying, “Come, and explore what is hidden within my pages.”

In a library or bookstore, you find yourself surrounded in hundreds, if not thousands of titles that can take you around the world without ever having to leave the comfort of your home, or stimulates your desire to wander and see the world beyond your doorstep. The books within capture your romantic heart and make you laugh, cry or cheer on your hero, keep you on the edge of your seat, teach or enhance a new or familiar craft, and inspire your wildest imagination. This is a place where you can become immersed in a story that provides you with much needed laughter and open your eyes and heart to new experiences.

Recently, in my local exploring I came across a used book store in the town of Mount Vernon in Washington State called Easton’s Books. What a gem. They have used, out-of-print and collectable books. When I entered for the first time, I became overwhelmed with the variety of books available that I didn’t know where to begin my quest. This is a store of a book lovers dream. Every town should have one. A store where dreams are made and young and mature imaginations are fostered to their highest level.

Lending library box 2Lending library 1I live in a relatively small island community that is extremely fortunate to have a beautiful library, even though there is another less than ten miles away. It was through community foresight, effort, love of books and of course funding that this library became a reality. I myself am very grateful to have it nearby. Unfortunately, for some towns, large or small, funding is not always available to maintain such libraries and bookstores, due in part to town funding being relegated to more cost needy concerns. Many of us have books in our home that we’re willing to share, and a great way of doing this is, within community guidelines, install a lending library box in your neighborhood to encourage the love of reading.

In today’s tech-savvy environment, the larger on-line appeal has become an instant easy access for some readers. I’ll be honest, I love my Kindle©, especially when a particular author I like to read only E-publishes. But, whether you prefer fiction or non-fiction, autobiographies, mysteries, westerns, romance, sci-fi, young adult (YA), the list is endless, there is something about holding that paper book in your hands.

Book pictureAuthors pour out their heart and soul in endless hours of planning, creating, writing, editing and re-editing…and more re-writing and re-editing before the author has that gripping and captivating story ready to deliver into your hands. Support your favorite author(s) by visiting their webpage(s) and chatting. Also, leaving comments on Goodreads™ and Amazon™ helps promote their works to a broader audience.

If you have a small bookstore or library, please support them. If you enjoy certain reads, let the proprietors and librarians know. Become familiar with the staff and the help they can provide. You’ll be glad you did.

Thank you for visiting my webpage. FYI: My book is coming along and in the re-editing /writing process.



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