Beach PebblesHave you ever felt that sometimes life comes at you in waves? Crashing into you with such force it knocks you off balance, causing you to lose your footing in the undertow. While struggling amongst the chaos, that inner voice has you fighting for survival, breaching the surface, gulping precious air.

Safe. Now sitting on the edge of the shore exhausted, you examine each small pebble, turning it over and over in your hand. Imagine, each pebble representing one character in the vast imagination of a writer. Side by side, together they form the foundation of a novel. Struggling to remain on the beach, begging to be brought into the light, allowing their story to be told, else be taken out and lost in the murky waters of forever untold stories.

With each roll of the incoming tide the writer breathes life into their characters, washing them with emotions; a bit of tension, suspense, mystery and romance. The pull of the outgoing tide, makes each character tangible, drawing the readers deep into the story. After the storm of emotions grip the reader, it is the gentler, calmer waves that emit the characters true personalities.

Since the beginning of time, waves have continuously washed against the shores. So, have stories been told, and retold. Writing is like the oceans dependency on its waves. As long as there are writers, there will always be stories waiting to come crashing onto the page awash in a sea of endless imagination. It’s this ebb and flow that keeps you, the reader asking for more.

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Currently, my story is in its final [professional] editing stage. I can’t wait to finally be able to share it with you.



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